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You can make reservations, months in advance with us either directly or through our affiliates before your arrival.

Successful reservations will be notified by email within 2 days after we receive all your booking information PLUS a scanned copy of your bank transfer slip to our bank account.

A 50% claimable deposit during reservation is required to secure the transaction. You may re-use the deposit when you check in at our hotels.

50% refund if cancellation is made before 48-hours before the arrival date.
No refund for any cancellation made within 24 hours from the arrival date.

- Non-transferable.
- Transferable for changes of arrival, rooms and number of guests.

You must notify us 1 week in advance for any room changes. Upgrade to higher rate room will require you to increase your deposit with us. We will not reimburse your deposit when you make changes between different room rates, as the deposit is valid during or for your stay.

Should you need any assistance prior to your arrival and departure such as extra beds or traveling with infants, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be glad to assist you to make your stay hassle and worry free.

Special acknowledgement  to Dr. GL Tan, Evelyn for the translation.

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