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Our rooms are designed exclusively to blend with the tranquil surroundings ensuring a serene rest after a fun packed day. Our day and night often packed with hives of the nearby famous Kuta beach activities.

The interior designs of our room is so unique that as soon as you walk into our room, you will feel the peacefulness and harmonious feeling. The spacious, cooling and neatly organized room further embraces and helps rejuvenate your holiday spirit.

Sitting by the verandah give you another spectacular view surrounded by the fresh greeneries and the chipping sound added soothes feeling to your inner soul refreshing your mind and body.

Kuta Bungalows, is always packed with surprises for our Guest. Everything within your reach is for your pleasure.

Special acknowledgement  to Dr. GL Tan, Evelyn for the translation.

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SapSamSok for
Kuta Bungalows